Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment

Has your vision recently been blurry? Have you noticed your eyes seem to be leaking mucus? Do you find your eyes to be itchy or stingy? You may be suffering from a common eye condition known as dry eyes! It is actually estimated that over 3,000,000 Americans are currently suffering from dry eye disease. At Total Vision Centers we understand how annoying it can be to live day-to-day life with dry eyes and are proud to offer dry eye treatment in Springboro for our patients interested in relief. When it comes to dry eyes, various factors can play a role such as medications, overall health, and even your lifestyle. Interested in scheduling your dry eye treatment in Springboro? Contact Total Vision Centers, we’d be more than happy to fit you into our schedule for a dry eye consultation.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Not sure if you may be suffering from seasonal allergies, dry eyes or some other condition? When it comes to dry eyes, classic symptoms that patient’s report includes mucus production, blurred vision, stinging eyes, itchiness, and even eye irritation. Patients also report excessive tearing at times. This is typically in response to the discomfort dry eyes can cause.

Many factors can impact dry eyes disease, including age, diabetes, Sjögren’s syndrome and more! Total Vision Centers would be happy to provide a consultation to determine if you suffer from dry eyes.

Springboro Dry Eye Treatment

Not quite sure if you suffer from dry eyes? During your eye examination at Total Vision Centers, your eye doctor in Springboro will be able to examine your eyes to diagnose dry eye disease. Testing for tear production may also be recommended to determine if your eyes are properly producing tears. Diagnostic eye drops may also be used to check for any areas of dryness on the surface of your eyes.

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Interested in treating your dry eyes in Springboro? Contact Total Vision Centers today, we are always welcoming new patients at our eye clinic and would be more than happy to examine your eyes.


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