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Our Story: Three generations of visionary Care

In the heart of the Springboro community, tucked on the corner where tradition meets modernity, stands the family-owned optometry practice established in 1981 by Dr. Allen DuBro. A pioneering optometrist with a passion for enhancing vision and lives, this practice has been more than just a clinic—it's been a vision-care home to the community.

Dr. Allen DuBro’s journey began with a simple belief: everyone deserves to see the world clearly and beautifully. His dedication to his craft and his patients set the foundation for what would become a family legacy. As the torch was passed to his son, Jeff, who had grown up watching his father transform lives one pair of glasses at a time, the practice deepened its roots in the community.

Jeff DuBro, armed with his expertise as an optician and enriched by his father's values, expanded the practice. He introduced technological innovations while maintaining the warm, personalized care that the clients cherished. Under his stewardship, they embraced advancements in eye care technology, ensuring their diagnostic and corrective techniques remained on the cutting edge, yet the approach always stayed grounded in the personal, compassionate service initiated by Dr. Allen DuBro.

Today, Dr. Spencer DuBro stands ready to weave his strand into this family tapestry. As a second-generation optometrist and third-generation business owner, he proudly carries forward the legacy of his grandfather and father. His education and experience have equipped him with deep knowledge and a fresh perspective, poised to lead the practice into the future while staying true to the personal touch and commitment that marked his predecessors' eras.

Their story isn’t just about vision care; it’s about how a family’s passion for helping others can build a legacy that endures. At their practice, patients are part of this family. From Dr. Allen DuBro’s first pair of glasses to the latest digital eye exams conducted by Dr. Spencer DuBro, their history is not just remembered; it's lived in every consultation, every prescription, and every smile of reassurance.

They invite you to join their family, where your vision and seeing the beauty of life continue to be their guiding lights. Here, at the practice, you're not just a patient; you're part of a generational promise—a promise that your vision is in caring hands.

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