Contact Lens Prescriptions

Contact Lens Prescriptions

At Total Vision Centers in Springboro, we want to provide you with eye care solutions that best fit your lifestyle. That may mean that you are interested in wearing contact lenses instead of glasses. Contact lenses are quite popular and can be worn to correct vision are nearly invisible. If you have any questions or concerns about contact lenses or contact lens prescriptions, contact us today. Our staff would be happy to help you.

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The Difference Between Glasses Prescriptions and Contact Lens Prescriptions

The big difference between glasses and contacts is how they are worn. Glasses are worn to wear the lenses hover just in front of the eye, while contact lenses are worn directly on the eye. The two prescriptions may look similar, but since the contact needs to fit the exact curvature of your eye, it requires some additional measurements. Both the curvature and diameter of the cornea are measured during a contact eye exam/fitting. It is not recommended to try and use a glasses prescription to order contacts online.


Why Having a Prescription is Important

It is actually illegal to sell contacts without a prescription. In fact, you cannot even purchase the aesthetic colored contact lenses for cosmetic purposes without a prescription—even if your vision is fine. Contact lenses are considered medical devices and require insight from a medical professional before use. When you go to your contact eye exam/fitting, you will be prescribed a lens that will fit your eye perfectly and is made from a material that is suited well for your eye. Contact lenses that are not made of a material that is compatible with your eye or are poorly fitted can cause distorted vision, infection, discomfort, inflammation, abrasion, and swelling. In some cases, this damage can be permanent.

Your vision and eye care needs are important to us at Total Vision Centers. We want to provide you with quality eye care. We also want to provide you with information that can help you take the right steps toward proper eye care. If you are interested in getting contacts, contact us today at Total Vision Centers to schedule an appointment.

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