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Did you know that over 40,000 eye injuries are treated annually due to sports-related accidents, injuries, and trauma? At Total Vision Centers we recommend that each of our patients that participates in athletic activities or sports, wear protective, sports eyewear in Springboro. Whether you partake in basketball, baseball, hockey, skateboarding or even gymnastics, sports eyewear is an excellent option for protecting your eyes and optical health. Interested in making sure your eyes are as protected as possible when enjoying your favorite sport? Schedule your appointment with Total Vision Centers today. We’d be happy to provide you with sports eyewear.


Why Do I Need Sports Eyewear?

When it comes to sports-related eye emergencies, they can be easily prevented with the proper protective equipment. At Total Vision Centers we offer various protective sports eyeglasses including wraparound frames and even goggles which can reduce the risk of experiencing an eye-related injury while partaking in your favorite athletic activity. Many patients enjoy the enhanced vision sports eyewear can also provide, reporting it enhances their performance.

For many sports leagues, sports eyewear is no longer recommended but actually mandatory like most other safety equipment. While many children are opposed to wearing sports eyewear, it is an essential part of ensuring their eyes and vision as protected during the game. As time continues, sports eyewear is becoming more common and popular, even being accepted as part of the uniform.

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About Sports Eye Gear

Even though sports eyewear and regular eyeglasses look extremely similar, they actually usually don’t have any of the same characteristics. Sports eyeglasses are typically made using polycarbonate which is durable, impact-resistant and even UV protective. Sports eyewear is designed to be specialized, suiting the specific needs of the patient and the sport they are partaking in. Many sports eyewear styles are designed for specific sports and the helmets associated with them. Total Vision Centers can help you select the best sports eye gear in Springboro for you.

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Want to make sure your eyes are as protected as possible when playing sports? Contact Total Vision Centers today to get your sports eyewear in Springboro.